Monday, April 14, 2014

China style!

Noooo... I`m not back in China!
 Just happened to see heaps of Chinese tourists this weekend in Rotorua and had to conclude that nothing`s changed...even when going abroad "China style" come with ;)

So to give an idea of what I`m talking here...some samples from my China photo archives ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Coromandel Peninsula

One of the most beautiful roads ever taken:
Thames town to Coromandel town ocean road...magical drive into the sunset
Coromandel town and its landmark

Local speciality....that and oysters....yam! Also smoked version available!

Our exotic accommodation for 2 nights 

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral cove beach and supper cool waves to crash :)

Hot water beach at not so hot moment because of the high tide!
During low tide ppl dig pools in sand that fill up with hot thermal waters!

Whangamata beach famous among surfers

Waihi gold & silver Martha mine (mining since 1878)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year - New Zealand - New Adventures

The new home is Rotorua (North Island)!

Some first impressions, basic observations and quick facts:

Yes, it`s summer here now ;)

When crossing the street I should first look to the RIGHT, `cause they seem to have staring wheels on the WRONG side!

It`s a dream come true for all the adrenaline junkies and extreme it water, air, mountain, volcano or animal related!
Huka Falls, Taupo

Okere Falls, Rotorua
There are more than 200 species of fern in NZ!!!!! (and they are gigantic!!!) (and no one ever before told me about this!!!!!) 
trail to lake Okataina
Redwoods forest, Rotorua

Rotorua seems to be located on top of one huge boiling soup...geothermal "fun" is the must-see (and must-smell ;) of the area!



by the Polynesian SPA, Rotorua

Scenery is breathtaking indeed!

Lake Okataina

Redwoods, Rotorua

Redwoods , Rotorua

 It`s a lot of wild wild jungle just a short ride from home!
Lake Okataina trail

There are loads of cool birds that will gladly pose for a picture ;)
@the Wai-O-Tapu

P.S. It`s my 3rd strawberry season in 1 year ;)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

SUMMER 2013 impressions

"Ticket to heaven" - coolest open-air chill out place by the river in Riga 


...and Brainstorm @ Watergate festival (Ewert and The Two Dragons were also there, but it was getting too dark for photos by the time they hit the stage ;)

BEST-Riga 20th anniversary 
a small bit of alumni with a small bit of historical evidence

Song & Dance festival!

Countless concerts and markets @ "Kalnciema kvartals"

"The Tall ship races" is back to Riga after a 10 year break! 

Bye bye boats! 

Culinary treats!!!

@Milk fest

And lots more :)

And now ..time for autumn and colours!!! :)